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Fire Grilled-BBQ Tofu and Vegetables

Prep Time:

20 Minutes





About the Recipe


Three savory and colorful skewers combining firm tofu, earthy mushrooms, sweet pineapple, crisp onion, and vibrant red capsicum.


This flavorful dish is rich in proteins, dietary fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. It provides a good source of Vitamin C from the pineapple and capsicum, Vitamin B from the mushrooms, and iron from the tofu. It supports immune health, skin health, and muscle function, while also contributing to energy production. This dish is not only a tasty choice but also a beneficial part of a balanced diet.

Vital Nutrients

Macro Nutrients

• Calories: 309 kcal

• Fat: 14.4 g

• Carbohydrates: 24.9 g

• Protein: 27.3 g

• Fiber: 7.2g

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